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Please, READ and AGREE to the







In order to maintain the integrity and function of this amazing education platform we request that you read and agree to the terms of use below or,  respectfully leave this site.



      Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimers.


Welcome to Market Wellness Institute  also referred to as Market Wellness Institute Inc.,, and MWI. If you are using this website or logging into the webinars you are automatically agreeing to MWI terms and conditions, the privacy policy, and our disclaimers. It is your responsibility to read and agree to this agreement , and read it often to stay abreast of the rules and any changes. We reserve the right to change or modify the rules any time we see fit, for security or any other reason. You will be automatically routed to this page to login and sign up every time.


If you do not agree to our terms and conditions, privacy policy, or disclaimers, when using this website or the MWI webinars, respectfully, please leave this site. MWI reserves the right to modify or change the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and disclaimers at its discretion. It is your responsibility to read the TERMS and CONDITIONS frequently to check for any updates in the rules.


Terms and Conditions


It is imperative that MWI uphold the strictest standards for participating in the webinar classroom, and for membership with 



1)     You may not use Market Wellness Institute unless you have agreed to the terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimers, and are a registered user of Sharing MWI content with a non-MWI registered member will result in your membership termination and may result in litigation.


You may not use website or any of its content unless you have agreed to the terms and conditions... and don't use MWI's content or services by sharing or reproducing it.


2)     MWI will not tolerate rude, slanderous, unprofessional and malicious behavior of any kind towards MWI (the company), the website, its employees, its advertisers, its affiliates, its partners, its educators, or its students and attendees. MWI webinars are a "G" rated forum and it is imperative everyone maintain a professional behavior.

3)     MWI does not offer personal investment advice, please do not ask for it, or provide personal information of any kind via phone, email, chat response, live webinars, or during one on one education services. MWI is an education tool, do not use MWI as an advisory service.


In short, we are not a brokerage firm, we do not give personal investment advice. This is for your own protection. Do not disclose any personal information. We are a public forum, you never know who is listening. Identity theft and all of its devastating attributes is on the rise... and we are not responsible for your losses of any kind.


4)      Do not use MWI content as a personal recommendation. Use your own research and/or seek advice from your financial adviser before making any investment decisions. MWI is created for your educational and/or entertainment purposes only. The content and information MWI offers is not intended to influence your personal stock trading purchases or sales. Opportunities will be uncovered in the MWI education process however, MWI recommends you discuss your personal investment objectives and buy and sell ideas with an experienced financial adviser. You agree MWI is not and will not be responsible for the investment choices you make, or any investment or trading losses you may incur.


In short, MWI is an educator not an adviser. We do not know your personal financial situation, nor do we know if you are  suitable for investing or trading. MWI recommends you consult a qualified experienced financial adviser and discuss your personal financial situation with them before investing or trading any of your assets. The chance of losing some or all of your money is possible. Even the chance of losing more than your principal is possible. MWI is not responsible for your investment or trading losses.

5)    Do not plagiarize or infringe on any an all MWI copyright content offered on MWI's 4EZ STEPS Course or content taught on the live webinar shows, or information offered through the "Sock Trader EDU Facebook group "ITG" offered by MWI, or by  using this site, or by learning MWI's proprietary education process, signals, or any of its content. You agree not to use or reproduce any of the proprietary information taught either on the MWI website or the membership webinars or Facebook group "ITG" to independently or with other outside parties create or use in a similar entity or business that will duplicate in part or in full any information or education offered by MWI or any information, education, or content offered by its members or students on any MWI platform. You agree not to use any MWI produced content to compete with MWI to attract or lure potential prospects towards another trading or investment educational platform, group, or product. By using MWI and its content you agree to this term in perpetuity.

In short, this is a non- compete agreement. Do not steal or reproduce, share, or use any of MWI's Intellectual Property, teaching methods, proprietary indicator modifications, or moving average calculations and pairs, OR ANY INFORMATION OR CONTENT OFFERED/LEARNED ON ANY OF THE MWI PLATFORMS taught to you by MWI, for commercial monetary benefit, internet or social media benefit leading to a monetary benefit or not leading to a monetary benefit, without prior detailed written permission and licensing agreement with MWI.



Privacy Policy


MWI values your privacy like we value our own. We are and will be diligent in protecting the personal information you provide to us.

MWI will obtain your information when filling out the contact form on our contact page  or from you registering/agreeing to the terms, conditions, policies and disclaimers to use this website. The personal information you provide to MWI on our contact page as well as registering to use MWI could be your name, phone number, address and email address.


If any purchases are made, personal information will be collected  through the "PayPal" payment web portal, or through the "" payment system. With either payment choice you make, sensitive payment information such as credit card information is held on PayPals' and Squares' servers and accessed by MWI online through password protected accounts. Credit card information will NOT be kept on file on any of MWI's computers or file systems. This information will only be accessed when needed through the PayPal and Square portals to confirm payment or payment declines.


Cookies may be collected for statistical data, If you do not choose to have cookies stored in your computer you can clear them and turn them off in your browser.


How MWI will use your information will be to respond to your questions or inquiries, or to send you electronic reminders to view upcoming webinars, changes to our services or platforms, subscription or payment confirmations, or for any customer service issues. MWI may use your information will be to contact you in the unfortunate event you are in violation of MWI's Terms Conditions registration/website access agreement.


MWI provides content and services offered by other websites on this MWI website and via links on MWI's website. These websites are not subject to MWI's privacy rules. Please view each of the websites privacy policies we visit and offer as links on our site in our education process.

Failure to maintain monthly membership payments will result in termination of your membership which includes access to ALL content on ALL platforms MWI uses in its education process. Reinstatement of said membership and its cost of reinstatement, will be solely decided at the discretion of MWI admin and Robert Friedl.


MWI offers its webinar content using It is a public forum. All webinars are recorded. If you are granted microphone privileges during the webinar, the information you provide in the public  forum will be public knowledge, that is why for your own safety you are bound by MWI terms not to disclose any personal or sensitive information about yourself. The presenter/educator dashboard used in the MWI education process lists the email addresses of all the attendees so as to answer questions and offer microphone access. All the presenters are contractually bound not to abuse, copy, or reproduce any email list information viewed on the presenter dashboard.


MWI cannot ultimately control what anyone might do or say working with MWI in a live webinar environment, so MWI cannot be liable for unexpected unpredictable actions and you agree to hold MWI harmless for but not limited to, anyone else's unexpected unpredictable action, inaccurate information, or potentially harmful activity.  


MWI will never sell your personal information or share your personal information outside of Market Wellness Institute Inc.

Do not self market to or redirect.




MWI makes no claim you will be financially successful by learning the content we provide on this site or the content we introduce you on other sites. Nor does MWI make any representation you will achieve any specific results by using the chart indicator strategies we provide as examples or any of the other information, example, or content offered on this site as education.


Even though the information MWI uses in its education process is believed to be mainstream, honest, accessible, and accurate, MWI cannot guarantee the accuracy of all its content or the real time status of the websites it uses. You agree to hold MWI harmless for any losses of any kind as a result of using You also agree that the content viewed on MWI will not be the reason for your actual investment decisions. You agree not to use MWI as an advisory service. You agree MWI will not be responsible for your losses of any kind, and you agree to hold harmless MWI, its employees, its educators, its guests or guest speakers, sponsors, affiliates, or partners, for any, losses, liabilities, lost profit or lost principal, or damages of any kind.


MWI is a distributor of information. MWI uses content, other websites and tools available to the public in part or in whole, and we  direct you to it, and help educate on how to interpret the information. We are not publishers of all the content MWI offers as education. Given that, you agree to hold harmless, its employees, its educators, its guests and guest speakers, its affiliates, its sponsors, its partners and its advertisers for any losses you may incur financially, technologically, emotionally or otherwise using and/or its content on this site.  


MWI does not endorse and is not responsible for the reliability or accuracy of all the information, content, or opinions its guest speakers, educators or financial professionals offer in MWI's interviews, live or recorded. You agree to hold harmless, its employees, its educators, its affiliates, its guest speakers, and/or their content used on this website for any trading losses or loss of principal or profits, or any other damages resulting from your use of information or content by using this site, including but not limited to costs, liabilities, claims and expenses including attorney’s fees that may arise as a result of your effort to break this agreement.


MWI recommends that before making any financial decisions or securities purchases that you do your own research and consult a qualified financial professional outside of the MWI professional panel. You agree that all investment choices are your own responsibility.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless, its employees, its educators, its affiliates, its financial professionals, its guest speakers, and/or their content used on this website for any trading losses or loss of principal or profits, or any other damages resulting from your use of information or content by using this site, including but not limited to costs, liabilities, claims and expenses including attorney’s fees that may arise as a result of your effort to break this agreement.


You agree to take the education and opinions offered by MWI's educators, guest speakers, affiliates, and financial professionals on an as is basis with no warranties, guarantees, or promises and should use it as a basis to further yours and/or your brokers research, and agree all investment choices you buy or sell are your own choice and responsibility.   


MWI's goal is to educate you to make investment decisions for yourself. However we have no control over things like your capacity to learn charts and other financial information, your sincere interest in learning it, your discipline to make it a part of your life, your emotional state, your IQ, and many other factors. It is impossible to be liable for anyone's decisions and actions given so many variables. Just like the school systems around the world, we do not guarantee you will understand or retain the education we have offered. Once a member has had access to any one or all the MWI exclusive education platforms, text book, webinars, classes, and the ITG Facebook group where opportunities are posted, there are NO REFUNDS.


MWI seeks to offer you honest pertinent accurate education by experienced professionals who are giving back to society enabling you the absolute gift of decades of experience and knowledge without the conflicts of interest or ulterior motives of selling you investment products. These protections we insist on are to protect you, and our crusade to promote stock market literacy around the world.






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